SEUL ToDo List

This is a short list of important SEUL-related projects. It is in flux. Last updated 3 March 1999 -- category reorganization and total revamp.

We need many volunteers: project leaders, organizers, writers, webmasters, documenters, and developers. Please read through this list, and mail if anything here catches your eye, or if you want to help start any other projects.

seul-edu. They're working on building educational software applications, an area which is almost completely ignored so far in the Linux world. Contact Doug Loss ( if you want to help out with this. This is one of the most active seul groups currently.

I need somebody who wants to go through other Linux link lists and update their entries for the SEUL project and SEUL subprojects. This will help keep the public better informed about our progress.

Communicating with other projects. Seul-pub needs more people to help out with correspondence. If you can write well and have some free time, this is for you. I need people to look at new documents like groups.html and comment or contribute.

I would like to get a group of people together to merge our WhyLinux document with all the other documents out there advocating Linux. A good start to a list of other documents can be found here.

Project Independence needs help packaging and evaluating end-user applications. They recently released the first version of their RedHat5.2-based Linux distribution oriented towards end-users.

Linux News Project. The goal is to coordinate the various news sites by creating a standardized news description format to encourage automated sharing of news between sites. Stalled pending more people to work on it.

Coming up with a list of relevant links to end-user-oriented projects and applications. This is a huge project, but it needs to be done sometime. A start might be this, which is a list of all the sites that link to SEUL and their frequency of hits. Another start is this initial SEUL links page, and this one. Contact Roger Dingledine ( if you want to work on this.

High Priority

Commercial Port Advocacy HOWTO. Doss Loss has a final draft (it's a guide for those looking to convince a company to port their program to Linux), and he's looking for comments and suggestions for revision. It will be included in the LDP soon.

SEUL FAQ. It's got some really good content, but it needs to be updated to reflect the fact that we're not making a distribution anymore. It could also use some general updating, because it's old. Cuplan is working on this revision, and he has a working draft available.

Taskhelps. Taskhelps are documents that are short and to the point, written in simple language, and written in a stepwise fashion so that they may be easily performed. Contact Ken Duck ( if you want to help write.

Website work. We need people to maintain the SEUL site itself. Look at the website maintenance homepage for more information, and then contact us.

Educational software howto. We need to write a set of guidelines for target audience, good resources for conversion from conventional platforms, and a set of desired programs. Contact Doug Loss ( if you want to help out with this.

End-user howto. How should the Linux world be dealing with advocacy for the end-user? What do they actually care about, where can you reach them? This project has not yet started; contact Roger Dingledine ( if you want to work on it. (But it will probably be easier to work on once the survey has gone farther.)

Evaluating current howto's and making them easier to actually use, and also trying to figure out if there are any gaps besides the two listed above. If you're interested in this, contact Ken Deck (

sdoc, the SEUL Document Parser. It's basically html with some new tags added, and you can define arbitrary perl functions for any tag. Really powerful, really extensible, really in need of a rewrite. A bit of documentation lives here, and a recent version of the code itself lives here. I'll link to the handlers (the functions that are defined for each tag) as soon as I get around to dealing with it.

Low Priority

WhyLinux document. FAQ describing the good points and bad points of Linux in a fair and detailed way. Led by Martin Jackson (

SEUL Manifesto. What we are, why we are. Maintained by


The GNU EDA project is building a program to assist in Electronic Design Automation. They've got a nice app.

The FreeHDL project is working on designing a Hardware Design Language, to work with the gEDA project and similar projects.

The WXftp project is a good gui (graphical) client for ftp. After months of discussion, he has released the application as free software.

The FreeCASE project is trying to develop a suite of applications to help with Computer-Aided Software Engineering. They're a bit stumped due to lack of workers, but their goal is good.


Core/Layers project. The Core/Layers idea is to create a specification encompassing all the details necessary to create a running, useful Linux machine. With this standardization, we can encourage more commercial vendors to move to Linux. Contact Erik Walthinsen ( for more information. Maintained by Gecko ( in conjunction with Linux United and FreeLinux. This project is stalled since the LCS/LSB project is making much faster progress.

End-user Survey Design. Description here, list archives here. Led by Roger Dingledine ( This project is on hold, due to SEUL work in other areas.

xhelp engine. Tcl/tk application to integrate the various documentations available for users, and provide a uniform mechanism for viewing all types of help files. Contact Ken Duck ( if you want to work on this.

Install specification: a set of guidelines for how a Linux installation ought to act. More discussion of this (and plenty of other installation issues) lives in the archives. Contact Roger Dingledine ( if you're interested in working on this, and I'll forward you to a couple of groups currently pondering the issue.

proclog, a little perl suite to read your logs and execute arbitrary perl functions when it finds matches. A nice slick design, but it's in alpha and will probably stay that way because other people have done better scripts since, such as LogWatch. You can get a copy from here; contact Roger Dingledine ( if for some crazy reason you want to start this up again.


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