SEUL Bookmarks List

This is a list of useful SEUL-related links. It is in flux, and could use some more work. Last updated 9 Sept 1998. If you want to maintain this page, please mail me.

This links page is undergoing serious revision, as of early November. Hopefully we'll get it more organized so it can actually be used as a reference guide for new Linux users. Mail me if you have any suggestions for links.

This section is for projects which are directly working on making Linux easier to use overall.

  • cola archive
  • Advocacy Projects

    This section is for articles written about Linux, or documents describing its advance towards world domination.

    Advocacy Links

    This section is for links about moving Linux into the Commercial environment

    Commercial Links

    This section is for unsorted things that might come in handy one day.

  • PPP primer
  • iact
  • Gamora
  • PC Monitor Specs Database
  • Estimating the number of Linux Users
  • Linux PnP Site

    Reading material:

  • Good Links

    This section is for projects that are indirectly helping the cause of End-User Linux, either by making Linux easier to develop or by giving commercial software vendors pressure to port commercial programs to Linux.

    • FreeHDL: a project to develop a free, open source, GPL'ed VHDL simulator for Linux.
    • gEDA: GNU Electronic Design Automation. It's a collection of tools which are used to make electrical circuit design, simulation and prototyping/production easier.
    • FreeCASE: A free team-oriented tool for object oriented analysis and design.
    • vmailer
    • The Casbah Project

    Useful Projects

    This section is for applications that are designed to be intuitive and easy to use (ideally "productivity applications"). Go look here for another page listing end-user apps.

    • WXftp: GUI FTP client for X. Its license still leaves something to be desired, but it looks like a pretty convenient little utility.

    End-User Apps

    This is where good commercial apps are listed. This section will mark our progress (heh).

    Commercial Apps

    This is for links that I just couldn't pass up writing down. I don't want to lose these. They will probably come in handy to other people too.

    Dev Links

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