Developer Documentation

This page will soon contain information about how to use the services provided to SEUL developers, including the mailing lists and the CVS source repository.


The mailing lists are the primary information mover for discussions. Everyone working on a project should be subscribed to the appropriate list at the very least, and ideally others to provide context.

The lists are divided according to team, with seul-project used for general discussion. Other lists exist for the SEG and the publications group.


The CVS repository is central to the SEUL Project. It should store every bit of information and code the project produces. This website is also stored in the repository.

In order to do any direct development work at all, you will need to be able to access the CVS repository in order to commit your changes (though if you have minor changes, you can submit them to a developer who has access).

You will have to have the following things in order to use the CVS repository:

  1. An account on, where the respository is kept. Send e-mail to request an account.
  2. SSH (Secure SHell) must be installed on configured on the machine you will be accessing the repository from. This is used primarily for the authentication, not encryption. We have a document explaining where to get SSH and how to install and configure it.
  3. If you plan to keep a working copy locally, you will need CVS installed. You can get it from the GNU archives, and documentation is available at Cyclic.
  4. A working understanding of CVS. A quick start guide is available.
  5. Knowledge of the SEUL repository structure and policies.


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