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Alejandro Sierra has recently released 0.0.4 of his interactive BibTeX database manager, gBib. A GNOME application, gBib facilitates the setup and management of BibTeX databases, by ensuring that all required entries for a given citation entry type are provided. (GPL)

Matias Mutchinick has just released version 0.2 of his algebraic calculator SNAC - SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator. Working in GNOME, SNAC supports simple algebraic calculations, text highlighting and selectable coloring for text and display. (GPL)

The Chemsuite Team, led by Ricardo Stephani, has released development version 0.0.35 of their suite of applications for chemists, Chemsuite. Although the suite is in alpha stages, one program in the suite - MolCalc - calculates molecular weight of molecules, and is stable enough for testing. (GPL)

GPeriodic is an interactive periodic table reference, originally created by Kyle Burton, which allows you to browse through the table of elements. It has been translated into several languages, including french, spanish, german, portuguese and italian (GPL)

Our congratulations to the hackers on the R Statistical System for their 1.0 release of R. R is a VERY substantial statistical analysis program and is available for most unix platforms (including Linux, *BSD, and many others) as well as desktop platforms like Win9x, NT and the Mac. (GPL)

I've been an R user since 0.65, and it is a very useful package. Although R does ship with copious documentation, SEUL/sci is in the process of setting up an illustrative documentation project to show how users in different fields would use R.

-- Pete St. Onge (

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