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SEUL-pub is responsible for handling the non-technical documents necessary for the project. (Basically, anything that is not program documentation.) That means taking care of the website, this FAQ, the Why Linux? page, and whatever other documents the sysarchs deem necessary. It also includes publicity functions, such as keeping major Linux sites aware of our presence and progress. We also provide proofing and editing services for other groups if they desire it. As time goes on and the project progresses, we may be assigned others tasks as well.

Much of the SEUL-pub work is never really finished. Documents like the FAQ need to be periodically updated. Since all project members are volunteers, it can be difficult to find time to get things done. Many hands make light work, but we can always use more hands!

If you believe in the goals of SEUL and want to help make it a reality, but don't know much about programming, this would be a great group to join.


On a more specific note, if you think you'd like to help with the website, then please read this

The website maintenance homepage contains information for everyone helping with the website.


Like the other SEUL groups, seul-pub is run over a mailing list. To subscribe, email with the following command in the body of the message (not the subject line):

subscribe seul-pub

Alternatively, you could fill in the form below.

Archives of the list are available here


Membership of the group is mandatory for anyone maintaining web pages.

If you feel that you can help with an aspect of SEUL-pub's work, then please email (the project leaders, or sysarchs).

If you would like to help with the website in particular, then please read this page for instructions.

Please report any technical problems to