Latest News:

19st of Juli 2003: Shiny New Webpage

After a few hours of hard work ClanLib finally got its new shiny webpage, hope you like it.

23st of April 2003: Pingus 0.6.0 available!

After a long time waiting for a new release of Pingus, here it is!

Pingus is a free Lemmingstm clone started at the end of 1998 with some new features and improvements. It's portable and the source code is compilable both on Linux and Windows. Sorry, but for now there are binaries available only for Linux.

The new release, 0.6.0, is the first playable ever release of Pingus and includes one island and 22 playable tutorial levels.

You can download sources and available binaries from here.

Help is always wanted and welcomed. You don't need to be a programmer to help, just contact us.

23st of April 2003: Fall v1.0 is out

A new release of Fall is out.

The game is simple: penguins are falling from and iceberg, and you have to bounce them into the docks.

Source code and binaries are available. Go here.

Enjoy it!.

21st of April 2003: Its my birthday!

Yep, today is my birthday (me being Magnus Norddahl here, aka. Judas). I had wished for a working php/apache2 on dark this year, but that didnt happen. Maybe next year. :)

1st of April 2003: No news today

Sorry, nothing happened today.

22nd of March 2003: ClanLib CVS Repository change

As some of you may have already noticed, the CVS repository for ClanLib has changed it's location once again. The page with CVS instructions has been updated, but for the lazy ones among us the new repository's location is:

Take care

12th of February 2003: New release (v 0.5.1) for Epiphany

Epiphany is (or wants to be :) a multiplatform clone of Boulderdash

There are no main changes, but several (very nasty) gameplay bugs were fixed. Mainly developed under GNU/Linux, it's checked from time to time under Win32 (Visual C++ 6).

As always, sources are available on Sourceforge and Savannah. Some static binaries for i386 Linux and Win32 on Sourceforge, for people who "want it all and now" :)


25th of February 2003: ClanLib 0.7.2 released

Go go go!

24th of February 2003: New release for Mojotron

A new release (v. 0.9995) has been released; both sources and binaries for Linux & Windows are available for download

Mojotron is an action game for Linux/X Windows inspired by Robotron and Llamatron, licensed under the GPL.

Check the Mojotron webpage if you wan to get more information. Help is wanted for graphics and Game designers, mainly.

10th of February 2003: New beta release for Supaplex

A new beta (v. 0.420) for the new Supaplex game is available for download.

In game you should control the hero looks like a ball with mouth, called Murphy.

He need to eat infotrons on the level and find exit. Collecting infotrons is a not very easy task, because stones, monsters and bombs can kill Murphy. The game genre is Puzzle - Logic.

You can find more news or download this release at the website.

29th of January 2003: New release for Race

This is the first release in over a year, and a lot of work has been done since. Among the biggest changes in Race 0.9.0 is the use of ODE, the Open Dynamics Engine, which brings very good physics to Race.

You can download it from the website.

4th of February 2003: More news

a new binary is available for the game, which solves segfaults some people are getting; anyway, it means no significant changes to sources.

Questions or comments, write to the ClanLib mailing list.