Games using ClanLib

APOCeditor Screenshots
APOC is a sci-fi multiplayer online game.

Advent Screenshots
Advent -
Advent is a graphic adventure engine.

Asteroidarena Screenshots
Asteroidarena -
Asteroid Arena is a Asteroids clone using OpenGL and ClanLib.

Attaxx Screenshots
Attaxx -
Attaxx is a puzzle game.

Auriferous Screenshots
Auriferous -
Auriferous is a LodeRunner clone.

Black Hole Invaders Screenshots
Black Hole Invaders -
Black Hole Invaders is a joke.

CL_Mahjong -
CL_Mahjongg is a playable version of the Mahjongg card game.

Catch the Knuddelmonster Screenshots
Catch the Knuddelmonster -
Catch the Knuddelmonster is a game catch the knuddelmonster.

ClanBomber Screenshots
ClanBomber -
ClanBomber is a Bomberman-like multiplayer game.

ClanMecha Screenshots
ClanMecha -
ClanMecha is a 2D platform mecha-battler using ClanLib.

ClanShip Screenshots
ClanShip -
ClanShip is a Battleship clone.

Code:Wave Screenshots
Code:Wave -
Code:Wave is a RTS.

DoctorC++ Screenshots
DoctorC++ -
DoctorC++ is a Dr.Mario clone. Much like Tetris, the object of the game is to remove rows of similary-coloured pills or viruses and clear off the playing field.

Epiphany Screenshots
Epiphany -
Epiphany is a multiplatform clone of Boulderdash.

Eremit Screenshots
Eremit -
Eremit is puzzle game in which you move one ball on top of another with the goal of removing all but the last ball.

Fall Screenshots
Fall -
Fall is a funny penguin-bouncing game.

Feuerkraft Screenshots
Feuerkraft -
Feuerkraft is a 2d top-down multiplayer tank battle game.

Kwirk Screenshots
Kwirk -
Kwirk's Quest is an roleplaying game.

Mastzi Screenshots
Mastzi -
Mastzi is a liero/molez style game.

Mojotron Screenshots
Mojotron -
Mojotron is an action game inspired by Robotron and Llamatron.

Musical Invaders Screenshots
Musical Invaders -
Musical Invaders is a music playing game.

Operation Citadel Screenshots
Operation Citadel -
Operation Citadel is a WWII, turn based platoon, company level war game on the Eastern Front.

Overload Screenshots
Overload -
Overload is a fast paced, chaotic, multiplayer tank battle game with a bunch of weapons and items for your killing needs.

Pacman is a demonstration game designed to show how to use ClanLib

Pingus Screenshots
Pingus -
Pingus is a free Lemmings clone.

Race Screenshots
Race -
Race is a 3D car game.

StarWar Screenshots
StarWar -
StarWar is a 2D space shooter game.

Super Methane Brothers Screenshots
Super Methane Brothers -
Super Methane Brothers is a platform game.

Tetroid Screenshots
Tetroid -
Tetroid is a t*tris clone.

Triz is a t*tris clone with full themes/skins features.

Trophy Screenshots
Trophy -
Trophy is a 2D car game, with weapons and other goodies.

U61 Screenshots
U61 -
U61 is another block-based game, which uses Lua scripting for game rules.

WarFuris Screenshots
WarFuris -
WarFuris the furriest tile based multi player cross platform action game around.

Xenohammer Screenshots
Xenohammer -
Xenohammer is 'the worlds latest and greatest over head shooter'.

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