ClanLib Download

Welcome to the ClanLib download page.

Development Version 0.7.2

Note that this is a DEVELOPMENT version! It means this version is under DEVELOPMENT! Its goooooood! Its nifty! It has amazing features! might be unstable, the examples might be horribly broken and the documentation might be completely talking about stuff thats not existing. But..the examples might work, the documentation can be very good. But...we just don't guarantee anything. Games already use 0.7 without problems, so why don't you too give it a try?

Stable Version 0.6.5

Oh, if you want stuff that isn't changing every week, but not nearly as fascinating or impressive, but perhaps with an example or two that works, try the stable 0.6 version. Its boring and dreary, though. (And it probably don't work anyway).

Required libraries for ClanLib

Optional libraries for ClanLib

Windows external libraries

By popular demand, we're providing all the external libraries - compiled with VC. Download the three packages below and add the neccessary paths to DevStudio.

Questions or comments, write to the ClanLib mailing list.