ClanLib CVS Version

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ClanLib CVS Information

It is possible to do an anonymous cvs checkout of the development version of ClanLib and some ClanLib games.

Commandline CVS

$ export CVSROOT=''
$ cvs login
Press Enter on the password prompt
$ cvs -z3 checkout [module] (See further down for available modules to checkout)

CVS under Windows

To use CVS under Windows, I suggest you download WinCVS from (

Setup the WinCVS preferences:

Authentication: '"passwd" file on the cvs server' or 'pserver'

Under the globals tab, uncheck "Checkout read-only", otherwise all files will have the read only attribute set. Very annoying.

To checkout a module, choose Admin->Login in the menu. You only need to do this once. Just press enter when you get the password question. Then go to the "Create->Checkout module" menu and enter a module you want to checkout. In recent WinCVS, this is named "Remote->Checkout module". See below for the list over available modules.

Win32 Patch File Maker

WinPatchMaker is a tool to generate a patch file easily under Windows.

Available modules

The following projects are currently available for checkout:

Its possible to do complete checkouts of the Libs, Games and Websites modules if you don't want to pick out individual projects.

Please note that a working state of each project cannot be guaranteed when using CVS. These are projects under development, and the stability might change from day to day.

Questions or comments, write to the ClanLib mailing list.