Oct 27 2001
Added a screenshot of the advent rewrite
Aug 31 2001
Advent rewrite as started
Aug 31 2001
Some new sketches are available at:

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Advent is, as the title says, a graphic adventure engine. So what does that mean? First of Advent is not an adventure game, you can't play Advent by itself, but you can create games with it or play around with the current prototype. The gool is to produce a relativ easy to use set of tools for creating and maintaining adventure games. Advent will be developed and run mainly on the GNU/Linux operating system, a Windows port might be follow later. Advent is distributed under GNU GPL.

For the current Advent prototype we will use ClanLib as the library for displaying graphics and sounds and Guile as its scripting language.


Some sketches are available here. Warrning, might contain spoiler.

screenshot8 tumbnail
First screen shot of the advent rewrite.
[State: Sat Oct 27 17:38:22 2001]
screenshot7 tumbnail
A elevator scenario.
[State: Mon Mar 19 22:47:09 2001]
screenshot6 tumbnail
Nothing special, just a colorfull background.
[State: Mon Mar 19 22:46:37 2001]
screenshot5 tumbnail
Here you can see the inventory in action, its already possible to use objects and combine them with others.
[State: Sun Mar 4 16:23:21 2001]
screenshot4 thumbnail
This shoot shows the coin interface and the little guy infront of a console. The console can be used to open the door.
[State: Tue Jan 30 23:41:22 2001]
screenshot1 thumbnail
This screenshot is taken from the "walkaround" demo, it shows a little mogli sprite behind some kind of plant.
screenshot2 thumbnail
This screenshot is again taken from the "walkaround" demo, it shows the little mogli sprite scaled down beside the door.
screenshot3 thumbnail
This one is taken from a A* pathfinding experiment.


Sorry, there is currently not much documentation, for the moment you can browse the docfied sources here.


When you have trouble compiling, question or anything else and need quick help you might want to join #clanlib on, there you can find me and some of the clanlib develpers from time to time.

Mailing Lists

There is currently one mailing list for Advent,, to subscribe please visit:


The prototype is making good progress and all the game logic works out very well. You can currently trigger animations on specific events and use and combine objects, controll multiple characters and dialog support is also working. Currently still missing is pathfinding, support for npc characters and support for creating your own userinterfaces.


The tarball you can download below does not contain the source code. It contains a static binary that should run out of the box on every GNU/Linux distribution and does not require any extra stuff. When you want the source, you can download it via CVS.

Mirrored at


You can get the current CVS version of Advent, along with ClanLib and Hermes, like this:

$ export CVSROOT=''
$ cvs login
(there is no password, just hit return)
$ cvs -z3 co Libs/Hermes-1.3
$ cvs -z3 co Libs/ClanLib-0.5
$ cvs -z3 co Games/Advent

Then compile the packages in the order listed above (Hermes, ClanLib, Advent). You might also need to install libjpeg and libpng, they should be available prepackage in your GNU/Linux distrubtion.

You also need Guile and Goops. When you use Debian sid/unstable a simple apt-get install libgoops5-dev should do it, for other distributions you might need to compile it yourself which might be a bit tricky.

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