You controller a small air plane which flys in a huge cave. The cave is build out of two heightmaps, one for the ceiling and one for the ground. Your plane has all kinds of weapons, along which some heavier missiles which modify the terrain. So when you shoot at the ceiling, parts of it will fall down and 'add on' the ground heightmap. The goal is to frag other players, which can be acomplished by shooting at them or by hitting them with debris which is falling down the ceiling. Volcanos, water, earthquakes and other natural disasters might make the game even more interesting and add some randomness to it. The caves should be limited in length or should be wrap-around. Free flight levels under daylight might also be possible.

Technical Requirements

This game needs a modifiable heightmap engine along with an engine which can connect two heightmaps with pillars and other objects one would find in a cave. The pillars must be destroyable. So the engine needs support for additional add-on objects to the heightmap. The engine must be capable of smashing out stones out of the celling and merge them back into the heightmap. OpenGL for hardware acceleration is required.

A client server structure must be implemented to allow multiplayer support. Bots and single player missions might be possible, but the game should be mainly focused on multiplayer.


The controll will be basically free like Decent, but it needs to take account of the gravity and the horizont. Loops should be possible, even so they might not be recomment due to the low celling. The game might be controlled with mouse and keyboard or (preferred) with a joystick (might need colie-hat and throttle).


The basic goal of this project is to teach myself OpenGL, 3D modeling and 3D engine design in general. Client/server stuff is also an area which I need some practice in.


The following artworks shows how the game and game objects might look like:

MPEG of a rotating Caveflyer [400KB]
MPEG of a flight around the cockpit section of a Caveflyer [700KB]

Blender files and a few unsorted images

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