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This page contains data which is not really part of the SEUL-RESEARCH Survey, but we wanted to put it somewhere for later perusal and cogitation.


ASDL questions moved this page:
*Will ADSL or cable modem influence your decisions concerning
     - downloading software.
     - web surfing.
     - web site material.
     - etc.

30 Aug 1998

Emerging Technologies sections was removed from the survey
Educational Software questions ... hmmm....

* Multimedia: being able to integrate computer with audio/visual devices (CD player, foo)
![i want to come up with another example here. 'television' came to mind, but perhaps that's more confusing than useful.]

[games, graphics manipulation, sound - Should this be split further? Or is it already covered in earlier "what do you want to use your computer for" sections?]
![this should be elaborated for some usertypes and ignored for others, if we decide to have user-type-specific questions]

from Karsten:

> - Words  -- Wordprocessing, email
> - Images -- Graphics, photography, art
> - Sounds -- Music, voice, ???
> - Data   -- Databases, analysis, business data, mailing lists, market
>research, spreadsheets
> - Communications -- Internet, email, telephony, videoconference
> - Games  -- you know, fun stuff.

>...this is an outgrowth of some thoughts I had a ways back on what
>computers are all about.  At the time, it seemed that is was basically
>words, pictures, sounds, and data, and the ability to modify, transport,
>interact with, and organize them, were the atomic building blocks of
>computing applications.  It seemed like an epiphany at the time (one of
>the obvious ones, mind you), I'm not sure it's particularly useful, but
>I thought I'd share it.  Programming probably wants to fit in somewhere

> - Application area -- Office suite, games, server (mail, web, print,
>   file, DBMS), specialized (music, photo, film, ??), data
>   analysis

24 Sept 1998

- Office productivity
        - Word processing
        - Desktop publishing
        - Spreadsheets
        - Databases
 - Financial
 - Internet
        - Email
        - Web browsing
 - Software development
 - Engineering
        - CAD
        - Analysis (structural, vibration, earthquake)
 - Educational
 - Games
 - Sound processing

- Which one of the above would you say you use most often?
- Choose all of the above that you use on a regular basis
- Do you think you would use more powerful software than what you use now if it were available?

Doug: want to write us some educational-software questions? I'd be
happy to include them. Try to keep them kind of broad. Probably about
three questions would be good:

  1. Availability of educational software
  2. price issues
  3. quality? brand-name companies? being able to read source code for it?
what do you care about?

What does it do?
How can I use it to help teach my subject area? Does it use multimedia?
What age group could I use it with?
What does it reinforce, what does it help teach?
Does it produce a report on the student's progress though the task for later analysis?
Is there a program I can use for a particular teaching area?
Is there a program I can use to help organize my grading / student eval?
Is it readily customisable by a non-programmer?

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