Talks, Presentations, Graphs and other neat Stuff

This page contains previous talks made by SEUL members at previous Linux Expos and other venues. These files are presented here to facilitate the preparation of future presentations - please feel free to draw on existing materials for your presentation.

Sample Template for 12 April 2000 SEUL/edu talk, and python script written by Odile Benassy [Tarball]

"Alone no more - SEUL/edu and the expanding interest in Linux in education", presented by Pete St. Onge, written by Pete St. Onge, Odile Benassy and Doug Loss. Presented at LinuxExpoAmeriques 2000, Montreal Quebec Canada, 12 April 2000.[Presentation (HTML), Presentation (Tarball)] Note that the Presentation tarball contains aforementioned seul/edu template and script.

Sample template for SEUL/edu