Task Help

Task-help is a type of help document focussed at new users (new users and those not interested in learning the details and specifics of the operating system operation.

At the moment there is a lack of documents of this type. The existing document types (HOWTOs, man, info, application-specific, etc.) are not written for new users, and are often cryptic or require a knowledge of the operating system that new users do not have.


A complete set of requirements has not been developed. Some of the possible requirements for task-help are:

  • Short and to the point.
  • Written in simple language.
  • Written in a stepwise fashion so that they may be easily performed.


Currently there is no set format for writing task-help. See the samples section (below) for some possibilities.

Writing Task-help

At this point there have been no task-help documents specifically written for the SEUL system. Some files have been written for other desktops, however. Press here to see them.


Following is a list of topics which may be needed for a task-help system. Note that no task-help files have been written for the SEUL as of yet. As topics are covered, they will be marked as completed.

Some documents have been written for (potentially) non-SEUL systems. These files may be found here. Some are also displayed below. Included in the table below are documents written for GNOME, KDE and FVWM2. Note that GNOME is currently the desktop chosen by SEUL

Window Managers

CategoryTask KWM FVWM2
Window Management
Changing the screen resolution
Minimizing a Windowviewview
Maximizing a Windowviewview
Closing a Windowviewview
Opening an Xtermviewview
De-iconifying a Windowviewview


Note: Whenever possible the actual program which performs the tasks are listed in the applicable category.
CategoryTask GNOME KDE
Starting Help Browser
Desktop ManagementGMCkfm
Making shortcuts
Changing desktop colours
Adding shortcuts to the desktop
Setting the Screensaver Propertiesview
Setting the Background Propertiesview
Panel Managementpanelkpanel
Adding applications to the toolbarview
Removing a button from the toolbar
Moving the panelviewview
File Managementgmckfm
Running the file managerview
Copying a file
Removing a file
Moving a file
Opening a folderviewview
Creating a folderview
Removing a folderviewview
Move folder to trashview
Finding a file
Undeleting a file
Editing a text fileviewview
Viewing a fileview
Viewing an imageview
Application management
Running a program
Opening an xterm
Dial Up Networkingkppp
Bell Propertiesviewview
Keyboard Propertiesviewview
Mouse Propertiesviewview
CD playerviewview
Audio mixerview
Midi playerview
Wave playerview
Karaoke playerview
Hex Editorviewview

Distribution Specific

Note: Whenever possible the actual program which performs the tasks are listed in the applicable category.
CategoryTask RedHat Debian
Installing new programs
Uninstalling programs
Listing installed applications


Note: It is unsure at this point under which of the above categories (or new category) the following should belong. Obviously most will eventually make it into the Application section, however the specifics have not been determined yet.
Installing/changing a...
Dial-up networking
Joining a UNIX network
Application Specific Tasks
Sending a fax
Word processing
Simple text editting
Edit web page
Balanceing a chequebook
Getting and playing doom
Inserting a formula into a TEX document
Sending a picture/graph via email
Logging out
Shutting down