gEDA-user: snag building GAF from git

Stuart Brorson sdb at
Sun Apr 11 18:37:02 EDT 2010

Hi --

>  Any ideas how to get past this:
> cp: target `./gnetlist.scm' is not a directory
> make[3]: *** [all-local] Error 1
> It's repeatable after a make clean.

Ugh.  I had this problem at the last code sprint.  I did two things:

1.  I nuked my entire source directory and got a fresh one from the
git archive.  Then I re-ran the entire build from on up.

2.  That didn't work, so I just put the following line into 

builddir = .

That fixed the problem.  However, it shouldn't happen.  I don't know
why $(builddir) doesn't get put into Makefile by
automake/autoconf/configure; my auto* tools are pretty up to date.
But maybe somebody who knows more about the autotools can shed some
light on this?


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