gEDA-user: paid help?

Patrick spell_gooder_now at
Tue Apr 6 07:59:06 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone

This is my first post here, I am also very, very new to PCB design.

The last thing I want is to create another flame, Eagle vs geda etc... 
but am I basically correct that the proprietary Apps have more libraries 
and this is the main drawback of the open source alternates?

If this is so, is there someone who has or would like to start a small 
business filling in these libraries on a 'on demand" basis?

I really want open source to grow, I feel like sending $100 or $1000 to 
the Eagle people is feeding the enemy. If I sent this money to an open 
source developer to fill in the gaps for me, would I not end up with 
what I want and in turn help to make something good grow?

If this is logical could I get some very rough guess-ti-mates of what 
this would cost? If I had a board with let's say 10 chips unsupported by 
geda how much would it cost to add them.

Thanks for reading-Patrick

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