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kai-martin knaak kmk at
Mon Apr 5 18:22:39 EDT 2010

Dave N6NZ wrote:

> I'm getting started on an open-hardware project using gEDA, and did a
> couple of gEDA logo items.
> 1. logo'ed title block symbol.  This is pretty much a clone of the
> standard title-B symbol, with these tweaks in the title block:
> * sub-block for copyright
> * sub-block for license (reference, not the whole thing :)
> * space for a project logo
> * gEDA logo

You might add attributes for title, author, license and date. 
Of course gschem does not automatically fill the values. But 
they can be properly< formatted ready for a one click edit. 
See the title block in my section of geda symbol.
If this title block is places by gschem on start-up, the lines
are locked but the attributes are accessible. 

Another option is to just define the title block and draw the 
large rectangle as needed. You never know the size of the schematic 
in advance...

Kai-Martin Knaak
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