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Kai-Martin Knaak kmk at
Sun Oct 25 17:55:06 EDT 2009

On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:11:03 +0100, Peter Clifton wrote:

> Having had a quick read over this, it seems fine - although can I ask
> you to confirm that it doesn't effect any GUI hids when running action
> scripts?

It's kind of difficult to prove no effect ;-)
Seriously, how would I go about testing? Would it be sufficient to start 
the GUI-HIDs (are there more than two?) with n arbitrary action script 
and check whether the GUI starts up fine?

> The fact you had to remove the CRASH; line in hidnogui.c suggests that
> the action script is triggering attempts to redraw - so this is the kind
> of thing which could upset the GUI HIDs.

This is certainly true for the actions I needed to perform for my print 
script -- set display names and display values. I'd also like to flip the 
board to print the bottom side.

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