gEDA-user: PCB+GL testing

michalwd1979 michalwd1979 at
Sat Oct 24 13:28:15 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I'm playing around with 3d version of pcb from git, and today I've lost about 3 hours of my work because of a strange crash. I've clicked in drc window and pcb exited leaving only a few "failed to create pixmap" lines in terminal. No segfault no any other info. I couldn't reproduce this, so I'm not sure what really happened.

The other problem was that pcb did not leave any backup files. I've doubly checked it and it seems that pcb does not write any backup files for me (I've set autobackup to 300s). How the backups should be written? I understand that every 300s is this true? Oh, I almost forgot: I've changed #define BACKUP_NAME in globalconst.h from "PCB.%.i8.backup" to "/tmp/PCB.%.i8.backup", but this should make any difference (I think).

Best regards,
Michael W.

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