gEDA-user: [RFC 6/6] Generation of log files

Peter TB Brett peter at
Sat Jan 17 11:01:10 EST 2009

On Saturday 17 January 2009 15:56:19 Ales Hvezda wrote:
> >Currently, running any gEDA suite program leaves behind a log file in
> >the current working directory. I would like to change the default to not
> >generating log files, so that I (and other users who use the default
> >configuration) don't end up with gschem.log and gnetlist.log files
> >scattered over their entire filesystem. Any objections?
> 	No objections, but the first user who posts a mysterious error
> report with no information (where the clarifying info would be in the
> disabled log file), you get the honor of playing 20 questions and telling
> them how to enable the log file and dealing with all the whining which
> will result.

The general consensus so far seems to be to carry on generating log files by 
default, but to put them in some central location. What to call them and 
where exactly that location should be ($HOME/.gEDA/logs? $TMPDIR/gEDA? 
Somewhere else?) seems to be up for debate.


Peter Brett

Electronic Systems Engineer
Integral Informatics Ltd
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