gEDA-user: Bug report for renaming slots [Was: Re: gEDA on windows]

John Doty jpd at
Mon Jan 12 23:06:37 EST 2009

On Jan 12, 2009, at 8:41 PM, Peter Clifton wrote:

> Sorry for typing before thinking that through fully. Treating all  
> slots
> as one component (for adding attributes) isn't actually possible with
> gEDA's architecture. Attributes can only be added to symbols.
> I can imagine the GUI glossing over that fact, and perhaps offering to
> help keep attributes in sync when renaming a single slot, it would be
> difficult (perhaps impossible) to cater for the case where you have  
> some
> slots on one schematic page, and others elsewhere.

The trouble from my perspective is that gnetlist:get-package- 
attribute apparently only picks up attributes from the first instance  
of the package it encounters. But there will be multiple instances in  
the case of a slotted or heterogeneous package.

It seems to me that it should look at all instances. As usual,  
schematic-level attached attributes should override symbol  
attributes. If at least one instance has the attribute, and there is  
no conflict with other instances, the attribute is determined. If the  
attribute cannot be determined, it is "unknown". If there is a  
ambiguity (different attributes for different instances), this should  
be reported as an error.

If multiple attribute values are allowed, we need a different  
interface returning a list of values. But for most uses (like  
"footprint") of get-package-attribute a conflict should be an error.

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