gEDA-announce: wcalc-1.1 released

Dan McMahill dan at
Sun Mar 1 00:58:17 EST 2009

After way way too long since the 1.0 release, I have finally released 
wcalc version 1.1.  The home page is still

Wcalc is a transmission analysis/synthesis calculator.

The main changes in version 1.1 over 1.0 are:

Added series/parallel RC equivalent circuit calculator.

Added series/parallel RL equivalent circuit calculator.

Added self and mutual inductance of two rectangular bars.

Added coplanar waveguide model.

Added coupled stripline model.

Corrected the Q calculations for low frequency (not skindepth) region
in air core inductors.  Also corrected Q calculation for conductors
other than copper.

Corrected the calculation of incremental conductance for the
microstrip model.

Corrected a bug in the calculation of conductor losses in the
microstrip model.

Added/enabled code for calculating conductor losses in the coupled
microstrip model.

When compiling with gtk-2.10 or newer, use gtkPrint for printing.
This gives a more professional/standard print dialog and also enables
printing under windows.

Added a preliminary Dutch translation.

Converted the figures to all use solid grayscale fills instead of
pattern fills as the former prints better.

Several updates to the build system to moderize it a bit.  Uses
AM_CONDITIONALS more appropriately, uses AC_PROG_LIBTOOL instead of

Update the win32 build script to generate an installer that works
correctly under vista.

Add .wc file associations under vista.

Update the octave build infrastructure to work with octave-3.0 and
newer where mex support is built into mkoctfile instead of a
standalone mex shell script.

Switch to GPL licensing.

Create several utility functions to make it faster to build new gtk
forms.  This is only visible to developers.

Improved to check versions of several of the auto* tools to
help make it easier to diagnose any issues which may come up.

Repair compilation with the SunPRO compilers.

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