gEDA-announce: pcb-20081128 snapshot

Dan McMahill dan at
Fri Nov 28 12:23:41 EST 2008

I've just placed a new snapshot of PCB up on the sourceforge site.  This 
snapshot release includes both the usual source release as well as a 
windows installer.

This release represents over 70 commits and as such this summary clearly 
is not complete. See the ChangeLog file for the complete list of 
changes.  A short summary of the changes is:

     * Minor bug fixes in RS274-X output.
     * Bug fixes in postscript output
     * DRC checks for annular ring on pads only uses the mininum annular 
ring drc setting instead of also checking minimum copper width.
     * Fix postscript output for zero length lines.
     * Improve the 'save before closing' dialogs.
     * Fixed bugs where objects attached to the cursor vanish sometimes.
     * Various minor code portability improvements.
     * Enabled additional gcc warnings (when using gcc)
     * Allow outline layers to have only arcs.
     * Added "Ben Mode" png output which provides a simulated 
"photograph" of the board. Very nice for publications.
     * Fix poly clearance around rotated pads.
     * Fix the batch HID which had bit rotted a little.
     * Display net names hierarchically.
     * Various speed improvements in the GTK HID.
     * Various speed improvements in the autorouter.
     * Minor improvements to the windows port.
     * Other various bug fixes.



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