gEDA-announce: gEDA/gaf stable version 1.0.1-20070626 released!

Ales Hvezda ahvezda at
Wed Jun 27 01:01:56 EDT 2007


I am pleased to announce the first ever stable release of gEDA/gaf:
1.0.1-20070626.  The focus of this release was bug fixing.  This is also
the first release created using git.  Many thanks to everybody involved.

You can find this release at:

I will write up release notes and send them out soon, but I suspect
these will be loads easier to write up because of the nice history that
git provides.



PS. md5sum's for this release:

a38ff65e7e7beefe9f77624920f1432a *geda-docs-20070626.tar.gz
9a26a2517ed89a5b4046a9a5407e7bb0 *geda-examples-20070626.tar.gz
f6222fb7e6d150bdb799f32bb53cbf8d *geda-gattrib-20070626.tar.gz
80f693a88f3365dba9182e804fc7a315 *geda-gnetlist-20070626.tar.gz
7d8d6f6b6c7fe328058bc71e1b24ed85 *geda-gschem-20070626.tar.gz
511d66d3c1c33af838d5b146daf9b09c *geda-gsymcheck-20070626.tar.gz
84b6f9729a0e72ae4fef85b6458fe5ec *geda-symbols-20070626.tar.gz
4701412ae159e2e87bab635e2ad787a6 *geda-utils-20070626.tar.gz
8074a1167cc22ebabd6fecfedf2767a9 *libgeda-20070626.tar.gz
cd463fbbe750952664bb2da8ebda6846 *Makefile
85b7e894dfa8a393224bf77f61b3e900 *README

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