gEDA-announce: latest version of gSpiceUI released (0.8.55)

Ales Hvezda ahvezda at
Wed May 24 07:46:24 EDT 2006

Mike Waters has released a new version of gSpiceUI.   

You can download it at:

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Here is the latest version of gSpiceUI.

This is largely a maintenance release which fixes some problems I
came across doing some design work. There are also some enhancements
to existing functionality.

What follows is the extract from the ChangeLog associated with this

 * Fixed fault where source component requested for NG-Spice 
   temperature sweep.
 * Fixed some faults in the parsing of floating point numbers into
   mantissa and exponent (ConvertType.cpp).
 * The last line of the console output was missing if it didn't
   end in a new line character.
 * The output from gNetList is now searched for errors and the user
   notified if any are found.
 * The application initialization process has been overhauled. It's
   still not perfect but is an improvement.
 * A progress dialog is displayed while the simulation engine is
   being changed.
 * The source and generator dialogs now do some validity checks
   before accepting the user settings.
 * Bit rot in PrcBase::Print( ) meant that the text controls
   weren't always being loaded properly.
 * The Simulation text control wasn't being updated when a
   simulation was run.
 * Bug fixes.

Mike W.

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