gEDA-announce: pcb-20060822 snapshot

Dan McMahill dan at
Tue Aug 22 22:22:02 EDT 2006


I have just uploaded the latest pcb snapshot to sourceforge.  Release 
note are attached at the bottom of this email.  Enjoy!


Release Notes for PCB snapshot 20060822
- various manual updates
- update the INSTALL documentation
- fix a bug where pins turned into pure holes when an element
   was smashed.
- use locale-independent strtod and dtostr functions to avoid problems
   loading files saved in some locales.
- fixed various bugs which caused pcb to crash
- update the gtk status line after save/save as
- make the gerber file names be compatible with pre-HID versions
- split plated and unplated drill output
- fix various typos in menus and comments
- add a batch mode HID.
- fix drawing of box around text in the buffer
- various fixes and improvements to the trace optimizer and the
- fix board flipping code
- fix rounding bug when creating list of drill sizes
- add support for > 8 copper layers
- avoid strict aliasing violations encountered with gcc4
- refactor code related to handling the filenames in the export
- fix layer group parsing code
- add the ability to user-configure mouse actions in the lesstif GUI.
- enable loaded netlists by default
- improve the positioning of the drill list in the postscript output
- various improvements to the configure script to improve robustness
   and improve error messages when thing don't go well.
- add IPC style footprints for 01005 passives.
- added a Renumber() action which will renumber all reference designators
   and produced an annotation file for backannotating to schematics.
- Draw via annulii on assembly drawings
- various other bug fixes and improvements.

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