gEDA-announce: gSpiceUI Version 0.7.93

Ales Hvezda ahvezda at
Sun Nov 20 22:54:03 EST 2005

Hi All,

Mike Waters was kind enough to send this announcement for gSpiceUI 
Version 0.7.93.

You can download it at:

Thanks Mike,


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Again this version has some major changes to it. The most obvious are that
the main application frame is now resizable and the addition of a
configuration file.

Be warned, this version hasn't had much testing. Would any FreeBSD, Mac OS,
Sun Solaris, etc. users please compile this version and let me know if there
are any problems. In particular the include loop errors that have been
reported recently. I'm hoping this version will not display this behaviour. If
there are any problems I'll try to fix 'em quick and release a update.

My development system is:
  Redhat Fedora Core 4, gcc version 4.0.0, wxWidgets version 2.6.2

What follows is the extract from the ChangeLog associated with this version:

 * If a net list or schematic is open on exit that same file will be opened
   next time gspiceui is started.
 * The open net list and import schematic dialogs now remember the last
   directory accessed (these values are stored in the configuration file).
 * Added two minor mods. for clean compilation under Sun Solaris.
 * A alternative configuration file may now be specified via the command line
   using the -r option.
 * The relationship between the class AppGSpiceUI, FrmMain and CmdLinePcr
   has been simplified. Should prevent compiler errors associated with
   circular includes.
 * Continued implementation of the configuration file mechanism.
 * The development status has reverted to Alpha since fundamental structural
   changes are still being made and are still required.
 * The command line option "-t" which sets the temporary file management
   strategy hadn't been implemented, it has now.
 * The command line option "-d" which sets the number of lines to display in 
   text controls has been dropped.
 * The main frame is now resizable.
 * Changed the layout of the main frame to make better use of the available

Mike W.

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